Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pretty, Pink and Bald (Inventory Cleaning 6)

It has been  a while since I have posted and I'm really late on this topic. However, my mother-in-law was just diagnosed with a rare form of female cancer and then we learned it had spread to her lungs.  She is in the hospital and has been for the last little while awaiting surgery and then chemo.  We all have our fingers crossed for her..

So I really wanted to post a picture for this particular topic and found what I needed already in my inventory.  Hope you like it.

House of Beningborough -  Exotic Dress
Mandala - Pearl Rain - Earrings & Bracelet  & Medium Finger Nails
MOCK - Deep Pink Fog - Eyeshadow & Microsunberry Pink Lip Jelle
DUH!!  I forgot to wear shoes. 


Monday, 3 September 2012

Do you know what it means? (Inventory Cleaning 5)

 Today is a holiday here in Canada and I decided to visit an art gallery.  I went to several from the SL search, but this one really caught me and I loved the exhibits.  It is the Lundy Art Gallery in Turpentine. 

Dressing for this outing I found this great summer dress and bag in my inventory.  I am still being surprised by what is turning up.  The jewelery I did purchase recently from L'Accessoires which is a store for accessories that is made up of items from many different designers.

Vanguard  -- Spring Dress  -- Cream
N-Core -- Sense 2 Heels -- Champagne
Purple Moon - Venice Necklace and Earrings - Color Change
YS&YS -- Cala Saona Bag -- Autumn
Vanity Hair - Love Affair V2 - Browns(Soil)
Mandala - Takara Nails and Braclets - Orange
MOCK - Ginger Chocolate Makeover (eye/lip)
Glow Studio --  Lashes Italia (sweet)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Do Re Mi and so forth!

Hi everyone !!!   I'm still cleaning out my inventory, but I needed a new gown for my shows.  When you give concerts, part of the show is the wonderful clothing that is available to us.  I sing every Tuesday night at the Cafe Casablanca so I go through a lot of gowns.  I do wear some more than once, but I try to have a enough not to do it more than 6 months.   So I was talking to my friend and fellow entertainer, Subtlety Daglish and she recommended the store, Resun Fashion Design.  So I

had to give it a try.   Resun, like Madonna and Cher, only has one name. But this talented Italian has a store of both men's and women's fashions. 

Resun Designs - Res_Morena - Stone
 Bliss Couture - Jennifer Ruffles Bolero (Vintage)
N-core - CARESSE - Platine
D!va Hair - Sayaka2 (Type A) - Brown Diamond
MOOD - Arditezza LUSH Choker & Earrings
EarthStones - Diamond Bangles - Gold
Exquisite - Victoriana Black Pearl Gold Filigree Ring
MOCK - Stardust Shadow - Bubble Sky
Glam Affair - CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 14
Mandala - NAIL female - Long

The photographs were taken at The Fiume Jazz Club located in the Chicago 1920's Area.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Rose Garden (Inventory Cleaning 4)

August is already here.  Where has the time gone?  I am still cleaning my inventory and found this wonderfully lovely long mesh summer dress covered in roses.   I paired it with another of those awesome hats from LpD and went to a real English Garden to do the photographs. 

MONS - Summer Love Collection Vintage Long Dress - Red
N-Core - Etoile - Pure Red
LpD - Summer Breeze Hat - Beige Tone
Maxi Gossamer - Necklace - Color Mixing Pearl Necklaces - FAT PACK 
Mandala - Milky Way - Nails, Ring and Braclet - Hawthorn Red
Action Womens Hair -  Vonny -- Sweetheart Brown
Mock Makeover - Kenyan Kelly
CCD - Real Life Prim Lashes - #02 Normal - Brown

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Inventory Cleaning 3

Yeah!!!   I'm under 30,000 items now.   I have been deleting things like pose stands, animations in the folders for opening the items and the LM's.   I am amazed at how much room these items take up and the duplication.

So today I decided to go and visit Brussels.  I had never been to this sim before and it was a delight to see the architecture.  I strolled through the square and stopped at a lovely little park to take my photos.  All of the items I am using except the purse are items that I already had in my inventory.  

Quintessential - Lanty - Lilac
Shoenique Designs - Open Pumps - Florals2
Les Petits Details - Summer Breeze Hat - Pink
je suis - inegal MESH Clutch STUMBLEBUM EXCLUSIVE
LeLutka -CHERYL hair - Dark Brunette
MANDALA - Kagetora necklace- Purple silver & TAKARA Bangle - Purple leather + Nails & Rings
MOCK -  Makeover - Plum Soda (eyes/lip)
CCD - RealLash  Prim Lashes - Normal Brown 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Inventory Cleaning - 2

This is a really tedious process....  Many of the items I have contain no texture showing what the item actually is.   Long yes, but I am making some discoveries of things I had forgotten I had even purchased.  Some of the outfits will leave totally and others I will keep parts that I feel I can use later.  Separates I will mostly keep since they can definitely be mixed and matched.   But today I'm showing you an ensemble I had forgotten. It's wonderful for the summer, cool and casual.. 

Prism - Yoko MESH Outfit by Journey in Island 
N-core - ETOILE "Coffee" 
aDIVA Couture - Dangerous Safari Jewellery
-dDx- Ohna (Brunette)
MOCK - Blood Red Orange & Irgazine Red Eyeshadows
CCD - RealLash Prim Lashes - #02 Normal - Brown
je suis - naive Nails v.2 - BASIC NAILS
Lipstick comes with the skin

For some reason today, I can not add links to my blog.   Many of them are on other pages, but aDIVA no longer exists. 

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Inventory Cleaning No. 1

We all do it.   We go on hunts and get things. We get freebies from a vendors MM board.  We get group gifts.  Soon, we have no idea what the heck is in our inventory.  I looked  and I have over 42000 items in my inventory.  So I am going to pare it down a bit.

Today I found the following dress.   I have no clue how I came by it.   I don't even remember trying it on before, so today I did. It looked like this.

 Barlow -- Springtime

Now I love the color, but I was really smitten by the top, so I decided to use that as my item to build a casual look around.   My first outfit with this top looked like this. 

JANE - Wide Leg Pant Loungers - Cream
Wasabi Pills - Teeloh Mesh Hair - Chocolate
MOCK - Opal Lipcolor -  Contessa + Stardust Shadow-Golden Peach
CCD - RealLash Prim Lashes - #02 Normal - Brown
je suis - naive v.2 BASIC NAILS handsize 10
EarthStones - Kaiya Necklace & Earrings - Sun + Mosaic Cuff Bracelet & Ring - Solar Flare
Miamai - Infinity Copper Multiple Ring
N-core - SOUL XtremeHeel II "Caramel"

I kept going thru my inventory and in the end wound up with this styling. 

Ricielli - RANI highwaisted pants - caramel + MATILDA minijacket - gold 
 D!va Hair - Sayaka2 - Brown
Fishy Strawberry - Barcelona Bag - Natural
MOCK - Mango Lip Jelle